About WBB

Welcome to World's Best Boobs – The Official Blog for Boob Fans!
This site is dedicated to finding and showcasing the word's best boobs. Obviously all boobs vary in shape, size, look and feel, so that's why you'll see various boob categories for you to browse and submit your world's best boob photos and best boob videos to. view current world's best boob entries

The World's Best Boobs Competition
World's Best Boobs is on a mission to find the world's best boobs.

There are only 3 rules that you must follow as a World's Best Boob fan:
1. You must always be on the lookout for the "World's Best Boobs"
2. You must spread the word about the World's Best Boobs Blog.
3. You must encourage boobs you believe as World's Best Boobs qualifiers to either be photographed or filmed and be submitted to the World's Best Boob Blog. 

World's Best Boob Photos or Videos Entires
Not all boob photos or videos will be  accepted automatically.
2. Your boob photo or boob video will first be rated by our team of boobologisits
3. Upon acceptance to World's Best Boobs, you will be sent a World's Best Boobs certificate stating you officially have World Best Boobs status.

Please Note:
There are Category Winners as well as an overall World's Best Boob Winner Beceasue World's Best Boobs did not begin until June 2006, the 2006 World's Best Boob winners will be announced on January 30 2007.Our team of boobologists will narrow down the boob photo and boob video entires, and then it will be up to Boob Fans worldwide to vote and decide on who will be crowned " Miss Worlds Best Boobs 2006 "

World's Best Boobs First Prize – 25% of accumulated the prize pool from World's Best Boob donations plus a magazine photo shoot for a major adult magazine (to be named).

World's Best Boobs Category Prize Winners – All will share equally in another 25% of the accumulated prize pool from World's Best Boob donations.

One Lucky World's Best Boob Fan,
will also win 25% of the accumulated World's Best Boob donations, plus an all expense paid trip to the photo shoot of the World's Best Boob Winner (location yet to be confirmed).

Boob Words:
Tits, titties, tig ol' bitties, boobs, jugs, melons, cans, hooters, dirty pillows, gazongas, yabbos, tig bitties, knockers, mammaries, fun bags, honkers, headlights, baps, meat puppets, ta-tas, naturals, boobies, guns, bahama mammas, balloons, bawagos, big brown eyes, blinkers, bobambas, bodacious tatas, bombs, bosom, bosooms, boulders, Bristols, brown suckies, bubatoes, bups, bust, busts, Cadillac bumper bullets, casabas, chest, chuberteens, cones, gedoinkers, doorknobs, floppers, fried eggs, fugis, gams, gazangas, jungle tits, golden bazoos, golden winnebagoes, mounds, mountains, marshmallows, Maguffies, grenadoes, hogans, honkers, itty-bitty-titties, jalobes, bazongoes, bazookas, bazooms, bazoos, ninnies, nips, nupies, pair, nice pair, penis squeezers, beamers, starter buttons, tads, handles, tatas, tittyboppers, bee stings, jiggers, jobes, rolling hills, cup cakes, cushions, dairy section, highbeams, hinyackas, knobs, love apples, love monkeys, luscious scoops of flesh, twins, love warts, watermellons, wazoos, whoppers, winnebagos, yabos, mambas, mammas, mamms, massive mammaries, mazabas, mellons, milk factories, mosquito bites, norgs, perkies, pillows, pimples, pink chewies, rack, set, smosabs, stacked, torpedoes, laverne & sherly's.

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